About Us

The Marketing industry has been revolutionized by changes in technology and social media. Traditional education institutions have seen ridiculous inflation of tuitions while they struggle to offer sufficiently contemporary curriculums. The internet has been flooded with micro-lessons, videos, conflicting advice, and a slew of get-rich-quick strategies that are predictably ineffective.

80% of CEOs believe the need for new skills is their biggest challenge. For employees, opportunities for development have become the second most important factor in workplace happiness.

There is a need for young marketers to understand traditional marketing theory and best practices, especially as they relate to branding, and there is a need for seasoned corporate executives to understand new technologies and methodologies and for new best practices to be established.

So we decided to create the Marketing Summit Academy!

Digital Marketing and Event Planning go hand-in-hand. The internet allows us to connect in ways never before imagined, but it will never replace authentic, in-person connectivity. This is why Event Planning is so important.

By combining these areas of expertise you will achieve a comprehensive and complementary understanding of the Marketing industry at large. We knew this combined experience, formal training, and orientation towards innovation provides sufficient depth to tackle any Marketing objective you may have.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide comprehensive, cutting-edge marketing and event planning training
  • Establish an internationally recognized digital certification platform
  • Foster and support our own industry community in the process

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We are offering a variety of bundles so you can save on course mixes. Some bundles also include private mentoring in addition to the group calls. Sign-up here to learn more.